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The Oxford Traherne is a collaborative project, involving scholars from a wide range of disciplines, to edit the works of the seventeenth-century poet and divine, Thomas Traherne (c.1637–1674).

Traherne is chiefly known today through the dramatic discoveries made during the twentieth century of his unpublished manuscript writings, which include theological controversy, physico-theology, an encyclopaedia of felicity, notebooks, biblical epic, lyric poetry, and devotional meditations.

This 14-volume edition, commissioned by Oxford University Press, will be the first fully annotated critical edition of Traherne, with a detailed exposition of his relationship to the contemporary religious, political, and intellectual context, and a rigorous and ambitious textual analysis of both manuscripts and printed works.

The Oxford Traherne is an international project which embodies the values of liberal scholarship and co-operation across borders. Its editorial team support the recent policy statement of the Renaissance Society of America.